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Ballpark Learning: Estimating Labels from Rough Group Comparisons

by   Tom Hope, et al.
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

We are interested in estimating individual labels given only coarse, aggregated signal over the data points. In our setting, we receive sets ("bags") of unlabeled instances with constraints on label proportions. We relax the unrealistic assumption of known label proportions, made in previous work; instead, we assume only to have upper and lower bounds, and constraints on bag differences. We motivate the problem, propose an intuitive formulation and algorithm, and apply our methods to real-world scenarios. Across several domains, we show how using only proportion constraints and no labeled examples, we can achieve surprisingly high accuracy. In particular, we demonstrate how to predict income level using rough stereotypes and how to perform sentiment analysis using very little information. We also apply our method to guide exploratory analysis, recovering geographical differences in twitter dialect.


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