Backpropagation through nonlinear units for all-optical training of neural networks

by   Thomas D. Barrett, et al.

Backpropagation through nonlinear neurons is an outstanding challenge to the field of optical neural networks and the major conceptual barrier to all-optical training schemes. Each neuron is required to exhibit a directionally dependent response to propagating optical signals, with the backwards response conditioned on the forward signal, which is highly non-trivial to implement optically. We propose a practical and surprisingly simple solution that uses saturable absorption to provide the network nonlinearity. We find that the backward propagating gradients required to train the network can be approximated in a pump-probe scheme that requires only passive optical elements. Simulations show that, with readily obtainable optical depths, our approach can achieve equivalent performance to state-of-the-art computational networks on image classification benchmarks, even in deep networks with multiple sequential gradient approximations. This scheme is compatible with leading optical neural network proposals and therefore provides a feasible path towards end-to-end optical training.



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