AutoGL: A Library for Automated Graph Learning

04/11/2021 ∙ by Chaoyu Guan, et al. ∙ 0

Recent years have witnessed an upsurge of research interests and applications of machine learning on graphs. Automated machine learning (AutoML) on graphs is on the horizon to automatically design the optimal machine learning algorithm for a given graph task. However, all current libraries cannot support AutoML on graphs. To tackle this problem, we present Automated Graph Learning (AutoGL), the first library for automated machine learning on graphs. AutoGL is open-source, easy to use, and flexible to be extended. Specifically, We propose an automated machine learning pipeline for graph data containing four modules: auto feature engineering, model training, hyper-parameter optimization, and auto ensemble. For each module, we provide numerous state-of-the-art methods and flexible base classes and APIs, which allow easy customization. We further provide experimental results to showcase the usage of our AutoGL library.



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