Anchor Distance for 3D Multi-Object Distance Estimation from 2D Single Shot

01/25/2021 ∙ by Hyeonwoo Yu, et al. ∙ 0

Visual perception of the objects in a 3D environment is a key to successful performance in autonomous driving and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). In this paper, we present a real time approach for estimating the distances to multiple objects in a scene using only a single-shot image. Given a 2D Bounding Box (BBox) and object parameters, a 3D distance to the object can be calculated directly using 3D reprojection; however, such methods are prone to significant errors because an error from the 2D detection can be amplified in 3D. In addition, it is also challenging to apply such methods to a real-time system due to the computational burden. In the case of the traditional multi-object detection methods, have been developed for specific tasks such as object segmentation or 2D BBox regression. These methods introduce the concept of anchor BBox for elaborate 2D BBox estimation, and predictors are specialized and trained for specific 2D BBoxes. In order to estimate the distances to the 3D objects from a single 2D image, we introduce the notion of anchor distance based on an object's location and propose a method that applies the anchor distance to the multi-object detector structure. We let the predictors catch the distance prior using anchor distance and train the network based on the distance. The predictors can be characterized to the objects located in a specific distance range. By propagating the distance prior using a distance anchor to the predictors, it is feasible to perform the precise distance estimation and real-time execution simultaneously. The proposed method achieves about 30 FPS speed, and shows the lowest RMSE compared to the existing methods.



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