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An Exploratory Study on the Occurrence of Self-Admitted Technical Debt in Android Apps

by   Gregory Wilder II, et al.
University of Hawaii

Technical debt describes situations where developers write less-than-optimal code to meet project milestones. However, this debt accumulation often results in future developer effort to live with or fix these quality issues. To better manage this debt, developers may document their sub-optimal code as comments in the code (i.e., self-admitted technical debt or SATD). While prior research has investigated the occurrence and characteristics of SATD, this research has primarily focused on non-mobile systems. With millions of mobile applications (apps) in multiple genres available for end-users, there is a lack of research on sub-optimal code developers intentionally implement in mobile apps. In this study, we examine the occurrence and characteristics of SATD in 15,614 open-source Android apps. Our findings show that even though such apps contain occurrences of SATD, the volume per app (a median of 4) is lower than in non-mobile systems, with most debt categorized as Code Debt. Additionally, we identify typical elements in an app that are prone to intentional sub-optimal implementations. We envision our findings supporting researchers and tool vendors with building tools and techniques to support app developers with app maintenance.


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