An Empirical Study of Incremental Learning in Neural Network with Noisy Training Set

05/07/2020 ∙ by Shovik Ganguly, et al. ∙ 9

The notion of incremental learning is to train an ANN algorithm in stages, as and when newer training data arrives. Incremental learning is becoming widespread in recent times with the advent of deep learning. Noise in the training data reduces the accuracy of the algorithm. In this paper, we make an empirical study of the effect of noise in the training phase. We numerically show that the accuracy of the algorithm is dependent more on the location of the error than the percentage of error. Using Perceptron, Feed Forward Neural Network and Radial Basis Function Neural Network, we show that for the same percentage of error, the accuracy of the algorithm significantly varies with the location of error. Furthermore, our results show that the dependence of the accuracy with the location of error is independent of the algorithm. However, the slope of the degradation curve decreases with more sophisticated algorithms



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