An efficient high-quality hierarchical clustering algorithm for automatic inference of software architecture from the source code of a software system

02/15/2012 ∙ by Sarge Rogatch, et al. ∙ 0

It is a high-quality algorithm for hierarchical clustering of large software source code. This effectively allows to break the complexity of tens of millions lines of source code, so that a human software engineer can comprehend a software system at high level by means of looking at its architectural diagram that is reconstructed automatically from the source code of the software system. The architectural diagram shows a tree of subsystems having OOP classes in its leaves (in the other words, a nested software decomposition). The tool reconstructs the missing (inconsistent/incomplete/inexistent) architectural documentation for a software system from its source code. This facilitates software maintenance: change requests can be performed substantially faster. Simply speaking, this unique tool allows to lift the comprehensible grain of object-oriented software systems from OOP class-level to subsystem-level. It is estimated that a commercial tool, developed on the basis of this work, will reduce software maintenance expenses 10 times on the current needs, and will allow to implement next-generation software systems which are currently too complex to be within the range of human comprehension, therefore can't yet be designed or implemented. Implemented prototype in Open Source:



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