An AutoML-based Approach to Multimodal Image Sentiment Analysis

by   Vasco Lopes, et al.

Sentiment analysis is a research topic focused on analysing data to extract information related to the sentiment that it causes. Applications of sentiment analysis are wide, ranging from recommendation systems, and marketing to customer satisfaction. Recent approaches evaluate textual content using Machine Learning techniques that are trained over large corpora. However, as social media grown, other data types emerged in large quantities, such as images. Sentiment analysis in images has shown to be a valuable complement to textual data since it enables the inference of the underlying message polarity by creating context and connections. Multimodal sentiment analysis approaches intend to leverage information of both textual and image content to perform an evaluation. Despite recent advances, current solutions still flounder in combining both image and textual information to classify social media data, mainly due to subjectivity, inter-class homogeneity and fusion data differences. In this paper, we propose a method that combines both textual and image individual sentiment analysis into a final fused classification based on AutoML, that performs a random search to find the best model. Our method achieved state-of-the-art performance in the B-T4SA dataset, with 95.19 accuracy.



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