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An Algorithm for the SE(3)-Transformation on Neural Implicit Maps for Remapping Functions

by   Yijun Yuan, et al.

Implicit representations are widely used for object reconstruction due to their efficiency and flexibility. In 2021, a novel structure named neural implicit map has been invented for incremental reconstruction. A neural implicit map alleviates the problem of inefficient memory cost of previous online 3D dense reconstruction while producing better quality. neural implicit map suffers the limitation that it does not support remapping as the frames of scans are encoded into a deep prior after generating the neural implicit map. This means, that neither this generation process is invertible, nor a deep prior is transformable. The non-remappable property makes it not possible to apply loop-closure techniques. implicit map based transformation algorithm to fill this gap. As our neural implicit map is transformable, our model supports remapping for this special map of latent features. to well-transform neural implicit maps to new poses. Embedded into a SLAM framework, our mapping model is able to tackle the remapping of loop closures and demonstrates high-quality surface reconstruction. available at github[<>] for the research community.


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