Airplane Type Identification Based on Mask RCNN and Drone Images

by   W. T. Alshaibani, et al.

For dealing with traffic bottlenecks at airports, aircraft object detection is insufficient. Every airport generally has a variety of planes with various physical and technological requirements as well as diverse service requirements. Detecting the presence of new planes will not address all traffic congestion issues. Identifying the type of airplane, on the other hand, will entirely fix the problem because it will offer important information about the plane's technical specifications (i.e., the time it needs to be served and its appropriate place in the airport). Several studies have provided various contributions to address airport traffic jams; however, their ultimate goal was to determine the existence of airplane objects. This paper provides a practical approach to identify the type of airplane in airports depending on the results provided by the airplane detection process using mask region convolution neural network. The key feature employed to identify the type of airplane is the surface area calculated based on the results of airplane detection. The surface area is used to assess the estimated cabin length which is considered as an additional key feature for identifying the airplane type. The length of any detected plane may be calculated by measuring the distance between the detected plane's two furthest points. The suggested approach's performance is assessed using average accuracies and a confusion matrix. The findings show that this method is dependable. This method will greatly aid in the management of airport traffic congestion.



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