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A Software Ecosystem Reshaped by a Paradigm Shift: the CSI-Piemonte Case

by   Federico Tomassetti, et al.
Politecnico di Torino

Context: Changes in the software development paradigm, when operated by entities with a pivotal role, have the power to affect a number of groups and entities in their sphere of influence, changing both their working habits and relations. Objective: In this paper we present the organizational changes occurred in a software ecosystem as consequence of a technological change. In particular we examine the evolution of an MDD solution and the changing roles of the company promoting it, the public administrations and the sub-contractors. Method: The paper focuses on a single case study that encompasses the six years long evolution of a Model-driven development solution, starting from its conception until is recent open-source release, across five distinct phases. The history was analyzed jointly by software engineering academics and industrial managers directly involved in the case study. Results: A report of the ecosystem evolution from an idiographic perspective is reported. An analysis of the history allowed an abstraction that led to the identification of several distinct ecosystem evolution motifs. Conclusion: The motifs represent a set of key process areas for the evolution of a software ecosystem. They are potentially generalizable to other similar ecosystems. As such, they can be used by researchers to evaluate existing in-progress case studies, and by practitioners as a set of guidelines.


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