A review of knowledge graph application scenarios in cyber security

by   Kai Liu, et al.

Facing the dynamic complex cyber environments, internal and external cyber threat intelligence, and the increasing risk of cyber-attack, knowledge graphs show great application potential in the cyber security area because of their capabilities in knowledge aggregation, representation, management, and reasoning. However, while most research has focused on how to develop a complete knowledge graph, it remains unclear how to apply the knowledge graph to solve industrial real challenges in cyber-attack and defense scenarios. In this review, we provide a brief overview of the basic concepts, schema, and construction approaches for the cyber security knowledge graph. To facilitate future research on cyber security knowledge graphs, we also present a curated collection of datasets and open-source libraries on the knowledge construction and information extraction task. In the major part of this article, we conduct a comparative review of the different works that elaborate on the recent progress in the application scenarios of the cyber security knowledge graph. Furthermore, a novel comprehensive classification framework is created to describe the connected works from nine primary categories and eighteen subcategories. Finally, we have a thorough outlook on several promising research directions based on the discussion of existing research flaws.



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