A Quantum Hopfield Associative Memory Implemented on an Actual Quantum Processor

by   Nathan Eli Miller, et al.

In this work, we present a Quantum Hopfield Associative Memory (QHAM) and demonstrate its capabilities in simulation and hardware using IBM Quantum Experience. The QHAM is based on a quantum neuron design which can be utilized for many different machine learning applications and can be implemented on real quantum hardware without requiring mid-circuit measurement or reset operations. We analyze the accuracy of the neuron and the full QHAM considering hardware errors via simulation with hardware noise models as well as with implementation on the 15-qubit ibmq_16_melbourne device. The quantum neuron and the QHAM are shown to be resilient to noise and require low qubit and time overhead. We benchmark the QHAM by testing its effective memory capacity against qubit- and circuit-level errors and demonstrate its capabilities in the NISQ-era of quantum hardware. This demonstration of the first functional QHAM to be implemented in NISQ-era quantum hardware is a significant step in machine learning at the leading edge of quantum computing.



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