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A phase transition for the probability of being a maximum among random vectors with general iid coordinates

by   Royi Jacobovic, et al.

Consider n iid real-valued random vectors of size k having iid coordinates with a general distribution function F. A vector is a maximum if and only if there is no other vector in the sample which weakly dominates it in all coordinates. Let p_k,n be the probability that the first vector is a maximum. The main result of the present paper is that if k≡ k_n is growing at a slower (faster) rate than a certain factor of log(n), then p_k,n→ 0 (resp. p_k,n→1) as n→∞. Furthermore, the factor is fully characterized as a functional of F. We also study the effect of F on p_k,n, showing that while p_k,n may be highly affected by the choice of F, the phase transition is the same for all distribution functions up to a constant factor.


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