A Parallelizable Optimization Method for Missing Internet Traffic Tensor Data

05/20/2020 ∙ by Chen Ling, et al. ∙ 0

Recovery of internet network traffic data from incomplete observed data is an important issue in internet network engineering and management. In this paper, by fully combining the temporal stability and periodicity features in internet traffic data, a new separable optimization model for internet data recovery is proposed, which is based upon the t-product and the rapid discrete Fourier transform of tensors. Moreover, by using generalized inverse matrices, an easy-to-operate and effective algorithm is proposed. In theory, we prove that under suitable conditions, every accumulation point of the sequence generated by the proposed algorithm is a stationary point of the established model. Numerical simulation results carried on the widely used real-world internet network datasets, show good performance of the proposed method. In the case of moderate sampling rates, the proposed method works very well, its effect is better than that of some existing internet traffic data recovery methods in the literature. The separable structural features presented in the optimization model provide the possibility to design more efficient parallel algorithms.



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