A new approach of designing Multi-Agent Systems

04/07/2012 ∙ by Sara Maalal, et al. ∙ 0

Agent technology is a software paradigm that permits to implement large and complex distributed applications. In order to assist analyzing, conception and development or implementation phases of multi-agent systems, we've tried to present a practical application of a generic and scalable method of a MAS with a component-oriented architecture and agent-based approach that allows MDA to generate source code from a given model. We've designed on AUML the class diagrams as a class meta-model of different agents of a MAS. Then we generated the source code of the models developed using an open source tool called AndroMDA. This agent-based and evolutive approach enhances the modularity and genericity developments and promotes their reusability in future developments. This property distinguishes our design methodology of existing methodologies in that it is constrained by any particular agent-based model while providing a library of generic models



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