A Dataset and an Approach for Identity Resolution of 38 Million Author IDs extracted from 2B Git Commits

by   Tanner Fry, et al.

The data collected from open source projects provide means to model large software ecosystems, but often suffer from data quality issues, specifically, multiple author identification strings in code commits might actually be associated with one developer. While many methods have been proposed for addressing this problem, they are either heuristics requiring manual tweaking, or require too much calculation time to do pairwise comparisons for 38M author IDs in, for example, the World of Code collection. In this paper, we propose a method that finds all author IDs belonging to a single developer in this entire dataset, and share the list of all author IDs that were found to have aliases. To do this, we first create blocks of potentially connected author IDs and then use a machine learning model to predict which of these potentially related IDs belong to the same developer. We processed around 38 million author IDs and found around 14.8 million IDs to have an alias, which belong to 5.4 million different developers, with the median number of aliases being 2 per developer. This dataset can be used to create more accurate models of developer behaviour at the entire OSS ecosystem level and can be used to provide a service to rapidly resolve new author IDs.


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