3D-ZeF: A 3D Zebrafish Tracking Benchmark Dataset

06/15/2020 ∙ by Malte Pedersen, et al. ∙ 0

In this work we present a novel publicly available stereo based 3D RGB dataset for multi-object zebrafish tracking, called 3D-ZeF. Zebrafish is an increasingly popular model organism used for studying neurological disorders, drug addiction, and more. Behavioral analysis is often a critical part of such research. However, visual similarity, occlusion, and erratic movement of the zebrafish makes robust 3D tracking a challenging and unsolved problem. The proposed dataset consists of eight sequences with a duration between 15-120 seconds and 1-10 free moving zebrafish. The videos have been annotated with a total of 86,400 points and bounding boxes. Furthermore, we present a complexity score and a novel open-source modular baseline system for 3D tracking of zebrafish. The performance of the system is measured with respect to two detectors: a naive approach and a Faster R-CNN based fish head detector. The system reaches a MOTA of up to 77.6 available at the project page https://vap.aau.dk/3d-zef



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