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Tahsin Mayeesha

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Hi, I’m Tahsin Mayeesha.

I’m graduating from Computer Science and Engineering major from North South University in Fall 2020. My thesis project was on building deep learning models for question answering systems in Bangla(Paper under review). In summer 2019 I trained a machine translation system for bangla-english. I’ve also won Banglalink SGD hackathon recently with team Quirkybits with a legal assistant chatbot project.

I’ve recently finished working with Tensorflow Hub team for Google Summer of Code 2019 on pretrained embedding exporters, demo notebook with bangla text classification and a prototype ULMFiT tensorflow-hub module.

Last year I worked with Berkman Klein Center of Internet and Society, a research lab in Harvard for Google Summer of Code 2018 on Mediaviz, a network visualization package for automatically scaling force-based networks.
Previously I’ve worked at Cramstack as a junior data scientist on electricy data for a government project.

In my free time I participate in Kaggle and write in “Learning Machine Learning”, my publication in Medium. Aside from working with data, I’m a big fan of anime and manga. I’m pretty good with animals. Right now I’ve 10 cats in my home and we are also feeding 2-3 stray dogs + 1 stray cat. I really like historical fiction, adventure and mystery genre in both anime’s and books. I also like cooking as a hobby.

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