Dimitri Percia David

I recently joined the EPFL Cyber-Defence Campus as a "Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow". I am in charge of delivering hands-on scientific research related to technology monitoring and forecasting in the field of cyber-defence. In parallel, I am affiliated to the University of Geneva (Information Science Institute of the Geneva School of Economics and Management) under the supervision of MER Dr. Thomas Maillart.

By employing data science and machine learning, my goal is to provide technology-forecasting models and market-monitoring tools for cyber-defence. Starting from a socio-technical perspective of information systems, I apply network analytics, statistical learning models (machine learning) and microeconomics to the field of cyber-defence. Under such an approach, I aim to provide a data-driven dashboard to monitor how technologies: (i) emerge, (ii) attract broader attention (i.e., hype), (iii) develop and mature incrementally or disruptively, and (iv) become progressively investable, in particular from the perspective of cyber-defence. The above four points involve: 1. Analysing the production-capability networks, the innovation structures and dynamics underlying the technology lifecycle (complex-systems analysis of cascading processes, network analysis of collective intelligence, deep learning); 2. Modelling portfolios of emerging and/or disruptive technologies related to cyber-defence (real-options analysis, TRL analysis); 3. Applying real-option models to capture the net-present value of uncertain innovation portfolios for cyber-defence (financial viability of investments).

I earned my PhD in Information Systems from HEC Lausanne in early 2020, a work advised by PD Dr. Marcus Matthias Keupp (ETH Zurich) and conducted under the supervision Prof. Dr. Kévin Huguenin (Unil).

Prior to that, I worked in the commodities trading industry (Alvean, Cargill, and S&P Global Platts) as a data analyst and econometrician.

ORCID profile: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9393-1490

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