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Manipal University

I am Aman Priyanshu, currently pursuing my undergrad at Manipal Institute of Technology in B.Tech in Information Technology. I am a privacy and deep learning enthusiast with a keen interest in privacy enabled machine learning. I enjoy browsing through papers on ML and PEML, and am always looking to discuss such topics. I am captivated by the concepts of ethics in AI and the relevance of an individual's privacy when it comes to training large models(such as recommender/health systems). I am also fascinated by bio-inspired machine learning as well asynchronity within NNs.

Recently, my research focuses on privacy enabled machine learning and interpretability. I enjoy learning about their implications in Medical Data and Health in AI, I want to pursue an academic career in research and development towards ethics in AI while working with privacy and interpretability. I also wish to look at Indian culture and language through the lens of AI.

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