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Alex Mathew

verfied profile

Alex's areas of expertise include Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Crimes and Digital Forensics Investigation. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and the founder of several cyber security awareness initiatives  and consultant in India, Asia, Cyprus and Middle East. With over 20 years, experience of consulting and training has developed a large skill set and certification set. He was instrumental initiating and organizing a number of conferences, implementation of incubation centers.

He has 100+ publications with IEEE, ACM and Scopus Indexed International Journals. Dr.Alex has received a number of awards including the Best Professor, Best Presenter etc. He is a frequently invited speaker and panelist, reviewer at International conferences related to Cyber Security, Technology, Innovation and education. Alex's profile describes a confident and outgoing individual who enjoys the company of other people. He has a persuasive, open style with others, and develops interpersonal relationships quickly and relatively easily. His levels of self-confidence mean that he rarely doubts his abilities in a social situation, although he may find it a little harder to deal with practical or impersonal situations. Alex's communicative and open style means that he tends to be trusting of others, or at least confide information more readily than many other personality types. Because of his social orientation, however, he finds it rather difficult to deal with rejection by other people, thriving as he does on their positive attention. His current research activities are directed towards Cyber Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Security in Next Generation Networks, Smart Technologies, and Cybercrimes Investigations.