Zero-Shot Semantic Parsing for Instructions

by   Ofer Givoli, et al.

We consider a zero-shot semantic parsing task: parsing instructions into compositional logical forms, in domains that were not seen during training. We present a new dataset with 1,390 examples from 7 application domains (e.g. a calendar or a file manager), each example consisting of a triplet: (a) the application's initial state, (b) an instruction, to be carried out in the context of that state, and (c) the state of the application after carrying out the instruction. We introduce a new training algorithm that aims to train a semantic parser on examples from a set of source domains, so that it can effectively parse instructions from an unknown target domain. We integrate our algorithm into the floating parser of Pasupat and Liang (2015), and further augment the parser with features and a logical form candidate filtering logic, to support zero-shot adaptation. Our experiments with various zero-shot adaptation setups demonstrate substantial performance gains over a non-adapted parser.


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This repository contains the dataset and code for the ACL 2019 paper "Zero-Shot Semantic Parsing for Instructions" by Ofer Givoli and Roi Reichart.

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