Zero Aware Configurable Data Encoding by Skipping Transfer for Error Resilient Applications

by   Chandan Kumar Jha, et al.

In this paper, we propose Zero Aware Configurable Data Encoding by Skipping Transfer (ZAC-DEST), a data encoding scheme to reduce the energy consumption of DRAM channels, specifically targeted towards approximate computing and error resilient applications. ZAC-DEST exploits the similarity between recent data transfers across channels and information about the error resilience behavior of applications to reduce on-die termination and switching energy by reducing the number of 1's transmitted over the channels. ZAC-DEST also provides a number of knobs for trading off the application's accuracy for energy savings, and vice versa, and can be applied to both training and inference. We apply ZAC-DEST to five machine learning applications. On average, across all applications and configurations, we observed a reduction of 40 termination energy and 37 the art data encoding technique BD-Coder with an average output quality loss of 10 of ZAC-DEST, the output quality of the applications can be improved upto 9 times as compared to when ZAC-DEST is only applied during testing leading to energy savings during training and inference with increased output quality.


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