You Only Look Yourself: Unsupervised and Untrained Single Image Dehazing Neural Network

by   Boyun Li, et al.

In this paper, we study two challenging and less-touched problems in single image dehazing, namely, how to make deep learning achieve image dehazing without training on the ground-truth clean image (unsupervised) and a image collection (untrained). An unsupervised neural network will avoid the intensive labor collection of hazy-clean image pairs, and an untrained model is a “real” single image dehazing approach which could remove haze based on only the observed hazy image itself and no extra images is used. Motivated by the layer disentanglement idea, we propose a novel method, called you only look yourself (YOLY) which could be one of the first unsupervised and untrained neural networks for image dehazing. In brief, YOLY employs three jointly subnetworks to separate the observed hazy image into several latent layers, i.e., scene radiance layer, transmission map layer, and atmospheric light layer. After that, these three layers are further composed to the hazy image in a self-supervised manner. Thanks to the unsupervised and untrained characteristics of YOLY, our method bypasses the conventional training paradigm of deep models on hazy-clean pairs or a large scale dataset, thus avoids the labor-intensive data collection and the domain shift issue. Besides, our method also provides an effective learning-based haze transfer solution thanks to its layer disentanglement mechanism. Extensive experiments show the promising performance of our method in image dehazing compared with 14 methods on four databases.



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