Xcos on Web as a promising learning tool for Bachelor's of Electromechanics modeling of technical objects

by   Yevhenii O. Modlo, et al.

Research goals: to identify the perspective learning simulation tool for Bachelors of Electromechanics. Research objectives: to prove the feasibility of using the simulation system Xcos on Web as a tool of forming of future Bachelors of Electromechanics competence in modeling of technical objects. Research object: the use of imitative simulation systems to learning the Bachelors of Electromechanics. Research subject: the use Xcos on Web in learning modeling of technical objects the Bachelors of Electromechanics. Research methods used: the analysis of existing software usage experience. Research results. The imitative simulation system Xcos on Web is a promising cloud-based learning tool for Bachelor's of Electromechanics modeling of technical objects. The main conclusions and recommendations: 1. The use of simulation systems, such as Scilab Xcos, is a necessary part of Bachelor of Electromechanics professional training. 2. Cloud-based learning environment built on the integrative usage of mobile Internet devices promotes the forming of Bachelor's of Electromechanics professional competencies. 3. Implementation the full Scilab Xcos functionality at Xcos on Web creates conditions for transition in Bachelor's of Electromechanics learning the simulation of technical objects to the use of mobile Internet devices.



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