XBlock-EOS: Extracting and Exploring Blockchain Data From EOSIO

by   Weilin Zheng, et al.

Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies and applications have flourished the blockchain research community. Massive data generated from diverse blockchain systems bring not only huge business values and but also technical challenges in data analytics of heterogeneous blockchain data. Different from Bitcoin and Ethereum, EOSIO has richer diversity and higher volume of blockchain data due to its unique architectural design in resource management, consensus scheme and high throughput. Despite its popularity (e.g., 89,800,000 blocks generated till Nov. 14, 2019 since its launching in June 8, 2018), few studies have been made on data analysis of EOSIO. To fill this gap, we collect and process the up-to-date on-chain data from EOSIO. We name these well-processed EOSIO datasets as XBlock-EOS, which consists of 7 well-processed datasets: 1) Block, Transaction and Action, 2) Internal and External EOS Transfer Action, 3) Contract Information, 4) Contract Invocation, 5) Token Action, 6) Account Creation, 7) Resource Management. It is challenging to process and analyze high volume of raw EOSIO data and establish the mapping from original raw data to the fine-grained datasets since it requires substantial efforts in exacting various types of data as well as sophisticated knowledge on software engineering and data analytics. Meanwhile, we present statistics and exploration on these datasets. Moreover, we also outline the possible research opportunities based on XBlock-EOS.



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