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X2Face: A network for controlling face generation by using images, audio, and pose codes

by   Olivia Wiles, et al.

The objective of this paper is a neural network model that controls the pose and expression of a given face, using another face or modality (e.g. audio). This model can then be used for lightweight, sophisticated video and image editing. We make the following three contributions. First, we introduce a network, X2Face, that can control a source face (specified by one or more frames) using another face in a driving frame to produce a generated frame with the identity of the source frame but the pose and expression of the face in the driving frame. Second, we propose a method for training the network fully self-supervised using a large collection of video data. Third, we show that the generation process can be driven by other modalities, such as audio or pose codes, without any further training of the network. The generation results for driving a face with another face are compared to state-of-the-art self-supervised/supervised methods. We show that our approach is more robust than other methods, as it makes fewer assumptions about the input data. We also show examples of using our framework for video face editing.


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