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X-ray Astronomical Point Sources Recognition Using Granular Binary-tree SVM

by   Zhixian Ma, et al.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

The study on point sources in astronomical images is of special importance, since most energetic celestial objects in the Universe exhibit a point-like appearance. An approach to recognize the point sources (PS) in the X-ray astronomical images using our newly designed granular binary-tree support vector machine (GBT-SVM) classifier is proposed. First, all potential point sources are located by peak detection on the image. The image and spectral features of these potential point sources are then extracted. Finally, a classifier to recognize the true point sources is build through the extracted features. Experiments and applications of our approach on real X-ray astronomical images are demonstrated. comparisons between our approach and other SVM-based classifiers are also carried out by evaluating the precision and recall rates, which prove that our approach is better and achieves a higher accuracy of around 89


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