WristAuthen: A Dynamic Time Wrapping Approach for User Authentication by Hand-Interaction through Wrist-Worn Devices

by   Qi Lyu, et al.

The growing trend of using wearable devices for context-aware computing and pervasive sensing systems has raised its potentials for quick and reliable authentication techniques. Since personal writing habitats differ from each other, it is possible to realize user authentication through writing. This is of great significance as sensible information is easily collected by these devices. This paper presents a novel user authentication system through wrist-worn devices by analyzing the interaction behavior with users, which is both accurate and efficient for future usage. The key feature of our approach lies in using much more effective Savitzky-Golay filter and Dynamic Time Wrapping method to obtain fine-grained writing metrics for user authentication. These new metrics are relatively unique from person to person and independent of the computing platform. Analyses are conducted on the wristband-interaction data collected from 50 users with diversity in gender, age, and height. Extensive experimental results show that the proposed approach can identify users in a timely and accurate manner, with a false-negative rate of 1.78%, false-positive rate of 6.7%, and Area Under ROC Curve of 0.983 . Additional examination on robustness to various mimic attacks, tolerance to training data, and comparisons to further analyze the applicability.


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