Word Play for Playing Othello (Reverses)

Language models like OpenAI's Generative Pre-Trained Transformers (GPT-2/3) capture the long-term correlations needed to generate text in a variety of domains (such as language translators) and recently in gameplay (chess, Go, and checkers). The present research applies both the larger (GPT-3) and smaller (GPT-2) language models to explore the complex strategies for the game of Othello (or Reverses). Given the game rules for rapid reversals of fortune, the language model not only represents a candidate predictor of the next move based on previous game moves but also avoids sparse rewards in gameplay. The language model automatically captures or emulates championship-level strategies. The fine-tuned GPT-2 model generates Othello games ranging from 13-71 while the larger GPT-3 model reaches 41 with chess and Go, these language models offer a novel way to generate plausible game archives, particularly for comparing opening moves across a larger sample than humanly possible to explore. A primary contribution of these models magnifies (by two-fold) the previous record for player archives (120,000 human games over 45 years from 1977-2022), thus supplying the research community with more diverse and original strategies for sampling with other reinforcement learning techniques.


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