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Wise-IoU: Bounding Box Regression Loss with Dynamic Focusing Mechanism

by   Zanjia Tong, et al.

The loss function for bounding box regression (BBR) is essential to object detection. Its good definition will bring significant performance improvement to the model. Most existing works assume that the examples in the training data are high-quality and focus on strengthening the fitting ability of BBR loss. If we blindly strengthen BBR on low-quality examples, it will jeopardize localization performance. Focal-EIoU v1 was proposed to solve this problem, but due to its static focusing mechanism (FM), the potential of non-monotonic FM was not fully exploited. Based on this idea, we propose an IoU-based loss with a dynamic non-monotonic FM named Wise-IoU (WIoU). When WIoU is applied to the state-of-the-art real-time detector YOLOv7, the AP-75 on the MS-COCO dataset is improved from 53.03


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