WISE: A Computer System Performance Index Scoring Framework

by   Lorenzo Luciano, et al.

The performance levels of a computing machine running a given workload configuration are crucial for both users and providers of computing resources. Knowing how well a computing machine is running with a given workload configuration is critical to making proper computing resource allocation decisions. In this paper, we introduce a novel framework for deriving computing machine and computing resource performance indicators for a given workload configuration. We propose a workload/machine index score (WISE) framework for computing a fitness score for a workload/machine combination. The WISE score indicates how well a computing machine is running with a specific workload configuration by addressing the issue of whether resources are being stressed or sitting idle wasting precious resources. In addition to encompassing any number of computing resources, the WISE score is determined by considering how far from target levels the machine resources are operating at without maxing out. Experimental results demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed WISE framework on two distinct workload configurations.



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