WHU-Hi: UAV-borne hyperspectral with high spatial resolution (H2) benchmark datasets for hyperspectral image classification

12/27/2020 ∙ by Xin Hu, et al. ∙ 0

Classification is an important aspect of hyperspectral images processing and application. At present, the researchers mostly use the classic airborne hyperspectral imagery as the benchmark dataset. However, existing datasets suffer from three bottlenecks: (1) low spatial resolution; (2) low labeled pixels proportion; (3) low degree of subclasses distinction. In this paper, a new benchmark dataset named the Wuhan UAV-borne hyperspectral image (WHU-Hi) dataset was built for hyperspectral image classification. The WHU-Hi dataset with a high spectral resolution (nm level) and a very high spatial resolution (cm level), which we refer to here as H2 imager. Besides, the WHU-Hi dataset has a higher pixel labeling ratio and finer subclasses. Some start-of-art hyperspectral image classification methods benchmarked the WHU-Hi dataset, and the experimental results show that WHU-Hi is a challenging dataset. We hope WHU-Hi dataset can become a strong benchmark to accelerate future research.



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