Where are the Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrians and Cyclists: A Colocation-Based Approach

by   Yujie Hu, et al.

Pedestrians and cyclists are vulnerable road users. They are at greater risk for being killed in a crash than other road users. The percentage of fatal crashes that involve a pedestrian or cyclist is higher than the overall percentage of total trips taken by both modes. Because of this risk, finding ways to minimize problematic street environments is critical. Understanding traffic safety spatial patterns and identifying dangerous locations with significantly high crash risks for pedestrians and cyclists is essential in order to design possible countermeasures to improve road safety. This research develops two indicators for examining spatial correlation patterns between elements of the built environment (intersections) and crashes (pedestrian- or cyclist-involved). The global colocation quotient detects the overall connection in an area while the local colocation quotient identifies the locations of high-risk intersections. To illustrate our approach, we applied the methods to inspect the colocation patterns between pedestrian- or cyclist-vehicle crashes and intersections in Houston, Texas and we identified among many intersections the ones that significantly attract crashes. We also scrutinized those intersections, discussed possible attributes leading to high colocation of crashes and proposed corresponding countermeasures.



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