When Digital Economy Meets Web3.0: Applications and Challenges

by   Chuan Chen, et al.

With the continuous development of web technology, Web3.0 has attracted a considerable amount of attention due to its unique decentralized characteristics. The digital economy is an important driver of high-quality economic development and is currently in a rapid development stage. In the digital economy scenario, the centralized nature of the Internet and other characteristics usually bring about security issues such as infringement and privacy leakage. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate how to use Web3.0 technologies to solve the pain points encountered in the development of the digital economy by fully exploring the critical technologies of digital economy and Web3.0. In this paper, we discuss the aspects of Web3.0 that should be integrated with the digital economy to better find the entry point to solve the problems by examining the latest advances of Web3.0 in machine learning, finance, and data management. We hope this research will inspire those who are involved in both academia and industry, and finally help to build a favourable ecology for the digital economy.


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