What Skills do IT Companies look for in New Developers? A Study with Stack Overflow Jobs

11/04/2020 ∙ by Joao Eduardo Montandon, et al. ∙ 0

Context: There is a growing demand for information on how IT companies look for candidates to their open positions. Objective: This paper investigates which hard and soft skills are more required in IT companies by analyzing the description of 20,000 job opportunities. Method: We applied open card sorting to perform a high-level analysis on which types of hard skills are more requested. Further, we manually analyzed the most mentioned soft skills. Results: Programming languages are the most demanded hard skills. Communication, collaboration, and problem-solving are the most demanded soft skills. Conclusion: We recommend developers to organize their resumé according to the positions they are applying. We also highlight the importance of soft skills, as they appear in many job opportunities.



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