What's in a Loss Function for Image Classification?

10/30/2020 ∙ by Simon Kornblith, et al. ∙ 31

It is common to use the softmax cross-entropy loss to train neural networks on classification datasets where a single class label is assigned to each example. However, it has been shown that modifying softmax cross-entropy with label smoothing or regularizers such as dropout can lead to higher performance. This paper studies a variety of loss functions and output layer regularization strategies on image classification tasks. We observe meaningful differences in model predictions, accuracy, calibration, and out-of-distribution robustness for networks trained with different objectives. However, differences in hidden representations of networks trained with different objectives are restricted to the last few layers; representational similarity reveals no differences among network layers that are not close to the output. We show that all objectives that improve over vanilla softmax loss produce greater class separation in the penultimate layer of the network, which potentially accounts for improved performance on the original task, but results in features that transfer worse to other tasks.



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