What is most difficult for students in studying irregular triangles and solving trigonometry

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Students who decide to choose the main subject of study of mathematics, be sure to study trigonometry. For one reason or another, the study of trigonometry and triangles is often difficult. From the beginning, it is necessary to clarify exactly what trigonometry is and what it deals with. Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that studies trigonometric functions and their application in solving problems, mainly geometric. The word "<a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trigonometry">trigonometry<a/>" is literally translated from Greek as "triangle + dimension". The main task of trigonometry is the solution of triangles, the finding unknown quantities of a triangle through known quantities. Any geometric problem can be reduced to the solution by means of triangles therefore trigonometry is applicable both in planimetry (studying of flat geometrical figures), and in stereometry (studying of spatial geometrical figures). Any trigonometric quantity is a function of angle (changes with changing angle), so the name "trigonometric functions". Trigonometric functions are angle functions: sine, cos, tangent, ctg, sec, and cosec. Inverse trigonometric functions, or circular functions, are arc sinus, arccos, tangent (arctg), and arctangent (arcctg). Direct angle functions are used when a function is found by an angle, and inverse functions are used when an angle is found by a function. Well, as you already know, trigonometry deals with triangles. And the most difficult thing that students have to work with, for some reason, is working with irregular triangles. But, in fact, it’s not so difficult. It is important to study the <a href="https://tutorme.com/blog/post/triangle-rules/">rules</a> of triangle trigonometry and trigonometric functions. Then it becomes easier to solve <a href="https://plainmath.net/secondary/geometry/trigonometry/non-right-triangles-and-trigonometry">equations for non right triangles</a>. By the way, students always can find good tips and help online when they do their homework on trigonometry. Such online services can help students to learn it and solve all tasks. So now we need to consider why it is irregular triangles and solving problems with them can be difficult. An irregular triangle has sides of different lengths. The interior angles of a right triangle are different. And when performing various computational actions with this triangle, various errors can occur. It is easier to work with other triangles, such as isosceles because theorems and rules apply in calculations with them. In irregular triangles, not everything is so clear, there may be different angles, different lengths of sides. Therefore, when solving problems with irregular triangles, students should be as attentive as possible to all the details of the irregular triangle. The most difficult thing in studying irregular triangles and trigonometry, in general, is the study of all the rules and theorems used in solving problems. In addition, the difficulty is caused by the fact that students need to deal with planes, upholster their own measurements of angles, side lengths of triangles, and more. But this should not scare you when studying trigonometry. This is a very interesting section of mathematics. Knowledge of it is often used in many areas of life. Therefore, try to be attentive and carefully study all the rules of this section of mathematics.



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