What has been Revealed by Urban Grid Data of Shanghai

by   Yongkun Wang, et al.

With the fast-growing economy in the past ten years, cities in China have experience great changes, meanwhile, huge volume of urban grid management data has been recorded. Studies on urban grid management are not common so far. This kind of study is important, however, because the urban grid data describes the individual behaviors and detailed problems in community, and reveals the dynamics of changing policies and social relations. In this article, we did a preliminary study on the urban grid management data of Shanghai, and investigated the key characteristics of the interactions between local government and citizen in such a fast-growing metropolitan. Our investigation illustrates the dynamics of coevolution between economy and living environments. We also developed mathematical model to quantitatively discover the spatial and temporal intra-relations among events found in data, providing insights to local government to fine tune the policy of resource allocation and give proper incentives to drive the coevolution to the optimal state, thereby achieving the good governance.



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