What Goes Around: Leveraging a Constant-curvature Motion Constraint in Radar Odometry

by   Roberto Aldera, et al.
University of Oxford

This paper presents a method that leverages vehicle motion constraints to refine data associations in a point-based radar odometry system. By using the strong prior on how a non-holonomic robot is constrained to move smoothly through its environment, we develop the necessary framework to estimate ego-motion from a single landmark association rather than considering all of these correspondences at once. This allows for informed outlier detection of poor matches that are a dominant source of pose estimate error. By refining the subset of matched landmarks, we see an absolute decrease of 2.15 to 2.53 (reducing by 45.94 contribution is relevant to other point-based odometry implementations that rely on a range sensor and provides a lightweight and interpretable means of incorporating vehicle dynamics for ego-motion estimation.


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