Weighted Data Spaces for Correlation Based Array Imaging in Experimental Aeroacoustics

by   Hans-Georg Raumer, et al.

Standard correlation based imaging methods in aeroacoustics assume that the estimated cross correlation matrix is superimposed with additive white noise. In this paper we present a mathematical model for the measurement process covering arbitrarily correlated noise. The covariance matrix of correlation data is given in terms of forth order moments. The aim of this paper is to explore the use of such additional information on the measurement data in imaging methods. For this purpose a class of weighted data spaces is introduced, where each data space naturally defines an associated beamforming method with a corresponding point spread function. This generic class of beamformers contains many well-known methods such as Conventional Beamforming, (Robust) Adaptive Beamforming or beamforming with shading. This article examines in particular weightings that depend on the noise (co)variances. In a theoretical analysis we prove that the beamformer, weighted by the full noise covariance matrix, has minimal variance among all beamformers from the described class. Application of the (co)variance weighted methods on experimental data show that the resolution of the results is improved and noise effects are reduced.



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