Web-Based Expert System for Civil Service Regulations: RCSES

01/12/2010 ∙ by Mofreh Hogo, et al. ∙ 0

Internet and expert systems have offered new ways of sharing and distributing knowledge, but there is a lack of researches in the area of web based expert systems. This paper introduces a development of a web-based expert system for the regulations of civil service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia named as RCSES. It is the first time to develop such system (application of civil service regulations) as well the development of it using web based approach. The proposed system considers 17 regulations of the civil service system. The different phases of developing the RCSES system are presented, as knowledge acquiring and selection, ontology and knowledge representations using XML format. XML Rule-based knowledge sources and the inference mechanisms were implemented using ASP.net technique. An interactive tool for entering the ontology and knowledge base, and the inferencing was built. It gives the ability to use, modify, update, and extend the existing knowledge base in an easy way. The knowledge was validated by experts in the domain of civil service regulations, and the proposed RCSES was tested, verified, and validated by different technical users and the developers staff. The RCSES system is compared with other related web based expert systems, that comparison proved the goodness, usability, and high performance of RCSES.



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