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Weakly Supervised Instance Segmentation by Deep Multi-Task Community Learning

by   Seohyun Kim, et al.
Seoul National University

We present an object segmentation algorithm based on community learning for multiple tasks under the supervision of image-level class labels only, where individual instances of the same class are identified and segmented separately. This problem is formulated as a combination of weakly supervised object detection and semantic segmentation and is addressed by designing a unified deep neural network architecture, which has a positive feedback loop of object detection with bounding box regression, instance mask generation, instance segmentation, and feature extraction. Each component of the network makes active interactions with others to improve accuracy, and the end-to-end trainability of our model makes our results more reproducible. The proposed algorithm achieves competitive accuracy in the weakly supervised setting without any external components such as Fast R-CNN and Mask R-CNN on the standard benchmark dataset.


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