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Weakly Supervised Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Basic Dance Step Generation

by   Nelson Yalta, et al.

A deep recurrent neural network with audio input is applied to model basic dance steps. The proposed model employs multilayered Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) layers and convolutional layers to process the audio power spectrum. Then, another deep LSTM layer decodes the target dance sequence. This end-to-end approach has an auto-conditioned decode configuration that reduces accumulation of feedback error. Experimental results demonstrate that, after training using a small dataset, the model generates basic dance steps with low cross entropy and maintains a motion beat F-measure score similar to that of a baseline dancer. In addition, we investigate the use of a contrastive cost function for music-motion regulation. This cost function targets motion direction and maps similarities between music frames. Experimental result demonstrate that the cost function improves the motion beat f-score.


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