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WaveSNet: Wavelet Integrated Deep Networks for Image Segmentation

by   Qiufu Li, et al.
Shenzhen University

In deep networks, the lost data details significantly degrade the performances of image segmentation. In this paper, we propose to apply Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) to extract the data details during feature map down-sampling, and adopt Inverse DWT (IDWT) with the extracted details during the up-sampling to recover the details. We firstly transform DWT/IDWT as general network layers, which are applicable to 1D/2D/3D data and various wavelets like Haar, Cohen, and Daubechies, etc. Then, we design wavelet integrated deep networks for image segmentation (WaveSNets) based on various architectures, including U-Net, SegNet, and DeepLabv3+. Due to the effectiveness of the DWT/IDWT in processing data details, experimental results on CamVid, Pascal VOC, and Cityscapes show that our WaveSNets achieve better segmentation performances than their vanilla versions.


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