Wave propagation modeling in periodic elasto-thermo-diffusive materials via multifield asymptotic homogenization

by   Francesca Fantoni, et al.

A multifield asymptotic homogenization technique for periodic thermo-diffusive elastic materials is provided in the present study. Field equations for the first-order equivalent medium are derived and overall constitutive tensors are obtained in closed form. These lasts depend upon the micro constitutive properties of the different phases composing the composite material and upon periodic perturbation functions, which allow taking into account the effects of microstructural heterogeneities. Perturbation functions are determined as solutions of recursive non homogeneous cell problems emanated from the substitution of asymptotic expansions of the micro fields in powers of the microstructural characteristic size into local balance equations. Average field equations of infinite order are also provided, whose formal solution can be obtained through asymptotic expansions of the macrofields. With the aim of investigating dispersion properties of waves propagating inside the medium, proper integral transforms are applied to governing field equations of the homogenized medium. A quadratic generalized eigenvalue problem is thus obtained, whose solution characterizes the complex valued frequency band structure of the first-order equivalent material. The validity of the proposed technique has been confirmed by the very good matching obtained between dispersion curves of the homogenized medium and the lowest frequency ones relative to the heterogeneous material. These lasts are computed from the resolution of a quadratic generalized eigenvalue problem over the periodic cell subjected to Floquet-Bloch boundary conditions. An illustrative benchmark is conducted referring to a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)-like material, whose microstructure can be modeled through the spatial tessellation of the domain with a periodic cell subjected to thermo-diffusive phenomena.


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