Watch, read and lookup: learning to spot signs from multiple supervisors

by   Liliane Momeni, et al.

The focus of this work is sign spotting - given a video of an isolated sign, our task is to identify whether and where it has been signed in a continuous, co-articulated sign language video. To achieve this sign spotting task, we train a model using multiple types of available supervision by: (1) watching existing sparsely labelled footage; (2) reading associated subtitles (readily available translations of the signed content) which provide additional weak-supervision; (3) looking up words (for which no co-articulated labelled examples are available) in visual sign language dictionaries to enable novel sign spotting. These three tasks are integrated into a unified learning framework using the principles of Noise Contrastive Estimation and Multiple Instance Learning. We validate the effectiveness of our approach on low-shot sign spotting benchmarks. In addition, we contribute a machine-readable British Sign Language (BSL) dictionary dataset of isolated signs, BSLDict, to facilitate study of this task. The dataset, models and code are available at our project page.


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Watch, read and lookup: learning to spot signs from multiple supervisors, ACCV 2020 (Best Application Paper)

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