VREN: Volleyball Rally Dataset with Expression Notation Language

by   Haotian Xia, et al.

This research is intended to accomplish two goals: The first goal is to curate a large and information rich dataset that contains crucial and succinct summaries on the players' actions and positions and the back-and-forth travel patterns of the volleyball in professional and NCAA Div-I indoor volleyball games. While several prior studies have aimed to create similar datasets for other sports (e.g. badminton and soccer), creating such a dataset for indoor volleyball is not yet realized. The second goal is to introduce a volleyball descriptive language to fully describe the rally processes in the games and apply the language to our dataset. Based on the curated dataset and our descriptive sports language, we introduce three tasks for automated volleyball action and tactic analysis using our dataset: (1) Volleyball Rally Prediction, aimed at predicting the outcome of a rally and helping players and coaches improve decision-making in practice, (2) Setting Type and Hitting Type Prediction, to help coaches and players prepare more effectively for the game, and (3) Volleyball Tactics and Attacking Zone Statistics, to provide advanced volleyball statistics and help coaches understand the game and opponent's tactics better. We conducted case studies to show how experimental results can provide insights to the volleyball analysis community. Furthermore, experimental evaluation based on real-world data establishes a baseline for future studies and applications of our dataset and language. This study bridges the gap between the indoor volleyball field and computer science.


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