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VoynaSlov: A Data Set of Russian Social Media Activity during the 2022 Ukraine-Russia War

by   Chan Young Park, et al.

In this report, we describe a new data set called VoynaSlov which contains 21M+ Russian-language social media activities (i.e. tweets, posts, comments) made by Russian media outlets and by the general public during the time of war between Ukraine and Russia. We scraped the data from two major platforms that are widely used in Russia: Twitter and VKontakte (VK), a Russian social media platform based in Saint Petersburg commonly referred to as "Russian Facebook". We provide descriptions of our data collection process and data statistics that compare state-affiliated and independent Russian media, and also the two platforms, VK and Twitter. The main differences that distinguish our data from previously released data related to the ongoing war are its focus on Russian media and consideration of state-affiliation as well as the inclusion of data from VK, which is more suitable than Twitter for understanding Russian public sentiment considering its wide use within Russia. We hope our data set can facilitate future research on information warfare and ultimately enable the reduction and prevention of disinformation and opinion manipulation campaigns. The data set is available at and will be regularly updated as we continuously collect more data.


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